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Why B.Sc. CSIT? Cost, Requirements & Scope

The Bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology (B.Sc. CSIT) is a bachelor’s degree by Tribhuvan University. It is a Computer Science degree that has some areas of  Information Technology also included. It is a hybrid degree and there are a lot of subjects that you can study in this course. The course is of 4 years with 8 semesters. You need to study around 5 subjects each semester (the final year has only 3 to 4 subjects).  The course has a lot of scope and the overall depth of it is also very nice. A student studying B.Sc. CSIT has the critical and analytical skills that is needed for many IT jobs such as Computer Operators, Network Admin, IT managers, Programmers, Analysts, Data Scientist and many more. The opportunities are endless.

Course Requirement

So, have you passed your +2 Science course and are not sure about what to do in the future? Well, B.Sc. CSIT might be a course tailor made for you. If your aim is to be a Software Engineer and work in a good tech company, CSIT is the way to go. But, there are requirements for studying this degree. For instance, only Science students can study CSIT. In addition, you have to get a good passing grade in your +2. Similarly, it is better to have studied Mathematics in both 11 and 12. While studying mathematics is not a requirement and even Biology students can study CSIT, the math background will make it easier for you. Some of the requirements of this course are:

  • The student should have completed 12 years of school in the Science Stream from any University recognize by TU. Both A levels and +2 degrees are eligible.
  • A student should have scored at least a C grade in Grades 11 and 12. The student should also take 100 marks each of Physics and Mathematics. This applies to both A Levels and +2. The grade requirement for A Levels however is the D grade.
  • For CTEVT, a student should have passed a 3 year Diploma in Engineering (Any stream) securing pass marks in both Physics and Mathematics.

Admission Process

The Admission Process for CSIT is quite easy.  If you meet the requirements set by TU, you can fill up your form and give the entrance examination. The entrance examination is taken by IOST (Institute of Science and Technology) every year in the month of Bhadra or Ashoj. The CSIT entrance is a tough nut to crack.  Some features of the entrance exams are:

  • It is an exam of 100 marks that covers the subjects of +2/A-Levels/Intermediate.
  • The exam is conducted by IOST and the pass mark is 35.
  • The exam format is MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) and there is no negative marking for wrong answer.
  • The Entrance exam lasts for 2 hours and the subjects that are covered are: Mathematics, Physics, English and Chemistry.
  • Students who have +2 back and supplementary exams to give can also fill up the form and give the entrance exam but they must have a passing certificate by the time the entrance results come out.

How to start the admission process?

For starting the admission process, you can visit any B.Sc. CSIT college in Nepal. They will provide you the admission form and entrance model questions. Students don’t need to fill up the form from more than one college and you can fill up the form from one college and study in another. Most colleges also provide free counseling and even some entrance preparation classes to make sure you pass the entrance exams. Do take these classes to increase your chance of passing. It is very important to take these classes because the entrance exam is very tough. You need every help that you can get. Once you have passed the entrance, you can choose any college you want to study in. But do remember this, every college has their own intake marks which means you might not get into a college because your entrance scores are low. So, always try to get more marks in the entrance exams.

Course Structure

The B.Sc. CSIT is the most advanced curriculum in the Computer Science field in Nepal. While TU’s Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering focuses more on Physics, Math and Hardware, CSIT’s main focus is on IT, Software Engineering, Core Computer Science, Programming and data structures. The course is as advanced as the computer science courses in some of the top international universities like Harvard and Stanford. Students are required to take courses in subjects such as Web Design/Development, computer systems, networking and more. There are also Physics based subjects and a lot of mathematics. We are not going into detail about the subjects that you have to study in 4 years but in case of the first year, these are the subjects that you have to study: Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Intro to Information Technology, Data Structures, C Programming, Digital Logic, Microprocessors and more.


The B.Sc. CSIT course has the following features:

  • The course has a total of 126 credits and there are a lot of optional subjects to choose from.
  • The course provides conventional lectures as well as project works. Every odd semester has a project work with the 7th semester having a Final Year project which is pretty legitimate.
  • The course can help you develop the principles of both Computer Science and Information Technology.
  • The course helps you build essential skills for real world application and jobs.
  • Semester based grading and exam system.
  • Internships for final semester students.

Cost of Study

Admission Form: NRs. 1,200/

College Tuition : Government Colleges – 2 to 4 lakhs for the entire course, Private Colleges – 4 to 9 lakhs for the entire course(depends on the college).

Per Semester Exam Fee: NRs. 2500 per semester.

Per year TU development fee: NRs. 3000-5000 per year (depends on college).

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