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Assistant Computer Operator Exam 2075

Lok Sewa Aayog

Computer Operator Solved Questions Answer

Key (A)                     Time: 45 min             Full Marks: 50

1. NTFS is …

a. internal command b. external command c. disk tool d. storage format

2. In which mode windows starts with only core drivers and services?

a. Quick mode b. Normal mode c. Repair mode d. Safe mode

3. Which of the following operating system does not implement multitasking truly?

a. Windows 98 b. Windows NT c. Windows XP d. MS DOS

4. How do you delete any content directly without consuming the space of recycle bin?

a. Shift+Delete b. Ctrl+Delete c. Ctrl+Shift+Delete d. None of the above

5. Which of the following is the part of the operating system?

a. Cell b. FAT c. Kernel d. Disk

6. The first computer introduced in Nepal was

a. IBM 1400 b. IBM 1401 c. IBM 1402 d. ICL 2950

7. The language that the computer can understand and execute is called

a. machine language b. application software c. system program d. compiler

8. The two basic types of record access methods are

a. sequential and random b. sequential and indexed c. direct and immediate d. online and real time

9. ASCII stands for

a. American Stable Code for International Interchange b. American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange c. American Standard Code for Information Interchange d. American Standard Code for Interchange Information

10. Central Processing Unit is combination of

a. Control and Storage b. Control and Output unit c. arithmetic logic and input unit d. arithmetic logic and control unit

11. The BIOS is the abbreviation of …

a. Basic Input Output System b. Best Input Output System c. Basic Input Output Symbol d. Base Input Output System

12. How was the generation of computer classified?

a. By the device used in memory and processor b. By the speed of computer c. By the model of the computer d. By the accuracy of computer

13. A computer program that converts an entire program into machine language at a time is called a/an

a. interpreter b. simulator c. compiler d. commander

14. The term gigabyte refers to

a. 1024 bytes b. 1024 kilobytes c. 1024 megabytes d. 1024 gigabyte

15. The instructions for starting the computer are housed on

a. random access memory b. CD-ROM c. read only memory d. All of the above

16. Which of the following memories has the fastest access times?

a. Cache memory b. Magnetic bubble memory c. Magnetic core memory d. RAM

17. As compared to the secondary memory, the primary memory of a computer is

a. large b. cheap c. fast d. slow

18. Which of the below IP address would be used for a private network?

a. b. c. d.

19. Distortion is a signal is called

a. phase b. IP switch c. noise d. amplitude

20. The short cut for print preview in MS-Word is

a. Ctrl+A b. Alt+Ctrl+I c. Ctrl+J d. Ctrl+Shift+K

21. What is the short cut key to open font dialog box?

a. Ctrl+F b. Alt+Ctrl+F c. Ctrl+D d. Ctrl+Shift+D

22. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?

a. Single b. Double c. Triple d. Multiple

23. What is the shortcut to copy the format from a text?

a. Ctrl+Shift+C b. Ctrl+Alt+C c. Shift+Alt+C d. Alt+Ctrl+F

24. To auto fit the width of column

a. double click the right border of column b. double click the left border of column c. double click the column header d. All of the above

25. Where can you change the vertical alignment?

a. Formatting toolbar b. Paragraph dialog box c. Page setup dialog box d. Standard toolbar

26. In word, the mailing list is known as the …

a. data sheet b. source c. data source d. sheet

27. The key F12 open a

a. save as dialog box b. open dialog box c. save dialog box d. close dialog box

28. Which of the paper size is the largest?

a. A4 b. A3 c. Legal d. Letter

29. The shortcut to collapse and expand the ribbon in MS-Word is.

a. Shift+F1 b. Ctrl+F1 c. Alt+F1 d. Alt+Ctrl+F1

30. Which of the following is graphics solution for word processor?

a. Clipart b. WordArt c. Drop Cap d. All of the above

31. The keystrokes Ctrl+I is used to

a. Increase font size b. Inserts a line break c. Indicate the text should be bold d. Applies italic format to selected text

32. A character that is raised and smaller above the baseline is known as

a. outlined b. raised c. superscript d. subscript

33. What is legend?

a. Explains the purpose of entire chart b. Provides text to explain what each visual part of a chart means c. Explains the title of the chart d. Explains the axes of the chart

34. To insert new comment in excel sheet press…

a. F2 b. F3 c. Shift+F2 d. Shift+F3

35. In MS Excel, getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called…

a. accessing b. referencing c. updating d. functioning

36. In MS Excel to select multiple non-adjacent cells in a worksheet you will click them holding

a. CTRL key b. ALT key c. Shift key d. Ctrl+Shift+key

37. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

a. $A$1 b. &A1$ c. #A$1 d. #A1#

38. How do you delete the selected rows, columns or cells

a. Ctrl+- b. Ctrl++ c. Alt+- d. Alt++

39. Red triangle at the top right corner of a cell indicates

a. there is an error in the cell b. the font color of the text in cell is red c. there is a comment associated with the cell d. the cell can’t accept formula

40. To insert function in excel sheet press…

a. F2 b. F3 c. Shift+F2 d. Shift+F3

41. Tool in MS Excel to combine values from multiple ranges into a new range is

a. What-IF analysis b. combination c. ranging d. consolidate

42. Conditional count can be performed using

a. countiff() b. countif() c. ifcount() d. iffcount()

43. Invalid formula category in Excel is

a. cube b. graphical c. date and time d. financial

44. When a formatted number does not fit within a cell, it displays?

a. ##### b. #DIV/0 c. #DIV@ d. None of these

45. Which of the following is the property of primary key?

a. Duplicate b. Unique c. Pictorials d. Limited

46. In MS Access, technique to speed up data retrieval

a. Indexing b. Referencing c. Speeding d. Listing

47. Data Definition Language (DDL) includes

a. creating table b. select query c. data insert d. all of the above

48. Which of the following is the default page setup orientation of slides in power point?

a. Vertical b. Landscape c. Portrait d. None of the above

49. Which of the following presentation elements can you modify using the slide master?

a. Slide comments b. Slide transitions c. Speaker note d. All of the above

50. Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in

a. web layout view b. print layout view c. reading view d. print preview

Answer Sheet

1. d   2. d   3. d   4. a   5. c   6. b   7. a   8. a   9. c   10. d   11. a   12. a   13. c   14. c   15. c   16. a   17. c   18. c  19. c   20. b   21. c   22. c   23. a   24. a   25. c   26. c   27. a   28. b   29. b   30. b   31. d   32. c   33. b   34. c   35. b   36. a   37. a   38. a   39. c   40. d   41. d   42. b   43. b   44. a   45. b   46. a   47. a   48. b   49. b   50. d

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