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All Cleaning Procedure Solutions | Hotel Management | Grade XII

Short Answer Questions

  1. Explain the term “Turn down service”.

Ans: This is to prepare room for a comfortable night’s sleep. This is to prepare room and bead to sleep. This is also known as second service as it is done in the afternoon. It includes general checkup and cleaning of the room but is short and quick (5/10 minutes). This is a service provided to the occupied room.


  • Check room occupancy list and follow the cleaning process
  • Follow the process of entering and occupied room
  • Remove guest’s articles from bed
  • Remove bedspread from bed and keep in a convenient place
  • Turn blankets along with the sheets in a triangular shape
  • Place night articles of the guest at proper place
  • Place doorknob card on the bed
  • General checking of the room
  • Replace supplies if necessary
  • Close curtains if necessary
  • Place slipper at the foot of the bed, check once and close.
  1. Explain the care and cleaning of carpet.

Ans: In hotel industry carpet refers to a floor covering material. They represent the soft floor. There are tufted or woven carpets. The tufted carpets are factor made. They represent the quality of the hotel so proper care must be given.

General carpet problems are

  • Pile destruction: The fiber becomes twisted, pilled crushed as matted. Take proper care and clean on time.
  • Shading: It appears when the carpet is brushed in two different direction. Vacuuming helps to remove this problem
  • Fading: is because of time, sunlight, improper cleaning, chemical.
  • Wicking: to be old and aging
  • Mildew: effect of moisture

The only one answer of the above problems is to take proper care and clean on regular basis.

Carpet Cleaning

Special attention must be given in cleaning the carpet. The type of cleaning depends upon the requirement

  • For daily cleaning brooming, brushing and vacuuming is done.
  • Grease could be removed by talcum powder.
  • The wed muddy soil is removed by brush and dustpan
  • Spring cleaning is carried by shampooing.
  1. Explain the glass window cleaning procedure with required materials and equipment.

Ans: Glass is a solid material. Most glass breaks easily so care must be taken while cleaning.

Equipments Used for cleaning

Apron                                 01 no

Dusters                               01 no

Bucket                                02 no

Nylon scrubber                  01 no

Plastic sheets                     01 no

Detergent powder             to use

Thinner                              to use

Water                                to use

Newspaper                       to use

Vinegar                             to use


  • Take out all the requirements and be ready for cleaning process
  • Takeout the curtains and other materials if any from window
  • Dust the window from all the side.
  • Prepare detergent water all the side.
  • Use nylon scrubber using very little and remove all the stains
  • Use clean water with vinegar to clean glass
  • Use newspaper and clean the glass
  • Clean the area.
  1. Define Mopping and explain its types and procedure.

Ans: Method of cleaning depends upon the types of equipment and surface. The methods also depend upon the soiling, spots and stain and the standard of cleanliness required. Whatever may be the method applied the aim of cleaning should be hygienic, pleasant looking, tidy and fresh.

  1. Dry mopping: This is done with cotton mop head, which may or may not be in pregnated. Impregnation stops the dust rising. Use smooth figure-of eight strokes. Carry the mop, head upper most, very carefully to where it may be shaken into a bag. Dry mopping is used instead of sweeping, because, it reduces the amount of dust rising and then resettling.
  2. Mopping: A mop of yarn or sponge or cotton is used as per requirement. The surface is dusted before mopping. Prepare two buckets, one with rinsing other for cleaning. Do not use excess water and dry the floor. Use correct amount of detergent. Always clean the equipments thoroughly after and hang the mop up to dry.
  3. Write the furniture cleaning process and its materials and equipment.

Ans: Different types of materials are used to produce furniture such as wood, wood grains, metals, plastics, stone, glass, fabrics, synthetic, leather, etc. Wood is the most common material used in furniture as it is strong, rigid and resists wear stains. The only problem of wood is they are not weather resistance. Nowadays aluminum and aluminum plated steel or brasses are gradually being introduced. They are lightweight, hard wearing and are easy to clean. Formica or plastic-coated tabletops may be found in many cafeterias or staff dinning-rooms. These are easily cleaned, hard-wearing. Plastic and fiber-glasses are easily cleaned, light-weight. They are available in a range of colors and designs and are relatively cheaper. They are more frequently found in bars, lounges and staff dining rooms rather than in the first-class hotel restaurant. They are easy to store and stacked.

Furniture cleaning

Furniture are made up of different materials like wood, plastic, brass, etc. The metal and plastic furniture can be washed with soap, damp rinsed and dried. For cleaning metal furniture, metal polished such, as Brasso is available in market, which makes them shiny and clean. The polishing is done monthly or periodically.

Wooden furniture can be soap-washed if they are made of sun-mica, tiles, granite, or marbles on its surface. For wood only, we can polish the wooden surface with mansion polish, which kill germs and shines. Annual cleaning of polish and Barnish will highlight and brighten up the furniture.


Cleaning equipment required for cleaning the furniture depends upon the materials used to produce them. To clean fitted furniture need vacuum cleaner, lukewarm salt water is used for cane (bamboo) where as vinegar water is used for furniture

Duster (furniture)-                          2 no.

Soft dusting brush                           2 no.

Worm vinegar water

Chemicals for leather

Rag/Pad-                                             2 no.

Sponge-                                               2 no.

Bucket/ Basin-                                   2 no.

Detergent and Dettol

Scouring pad


Mansion for furniture polish


  • Dry dust the furniture with the furniture duster. If necessary use vacuum cleaner
  • Give special attention to the soiled surface.
  • Prepare the detergent water and Dettol water solution
  • If the wooden furniture is covered with washable upholstery then only wash with soap water, damp rinse and dry
  • Damp dust the wooden part
  • Dry the wooden part
  • Polish with mansion polish with a duster.
  • For leather furniture rub with a mixture of oil and vinegar. Finally polish with shoe polish.

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