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Ahab and Naboth – Four Levels of Interactions | Flax Golden Tales

Ahab and Naboth – Source: The Holy Bible:  King James Version 2000

Literal Comprehension

King Ahab knew that Naboth had a beautiful vineyard near his palace. Ahab was quite attracted to this vineyard and wanted to take it at any cost. But Naboth did not want to give the king his property because he had inherited it from his father. The king became worried and fed up. The upset king started sleeping without eating. The queen, Jezebel was sad seeing such king’s activities. As a console, she told him that he had governed Israel and obviously he would take Naboth’s vineyard very soon.

Now, the queen started making plot against Naboth. She wrote a conspiracy letter addressing to nobles, gentlemen and other ordinary people to elect Naboth as their leader. She then ordered them to hire two men to condemn Naboth for blasphemy of God and the king. According to the queen’s wish, they acted and killed him by stoning. After Naboth was killed, the queen requested the king possess vineyard. When happy Ahab hurriedly reached near the vineyard, he heard the message of the lord from the prophet that as the dog licked dead Naboth’s blood, in the same way, the dog would lick his and his wife’s blood.


The story tells us that God is all powerful and all knowing. We can hide our sin to the people but we cannot hide sour sins for gods. If we do sinful works, God certainly gives us punishment. In the story, Ahab and his wife did sin to take other property. Their such activities to take other property could not make the god happy. So, the god sent his messages to Ahab that he and his wife’s blood would be licked by the dog had licked the dead Naboth’s blood.

Critical Thinking

A critical reader as he reads the text analytically, he finds many unconvincing ideas expressed in the story. For example, are there gods? Can we get punishment by the god if we did sin? Can the curse work in reality? Was not the queen crueler than the king, Ahab?


After reading this story, I remembered our grandparent’s sayings. They often told me that the right and selfless works help to get God’s grace. Such activities also help to take the better place in heaven. On the other hand, if we did wrong and sinful work, the god would be angry and sent us to the hell. So, they often advised me to help poor, handicapped and helpless people. They said that if we helped them, the god also would be happy. That’s why they would give alms to the beggar and frequently went to temple to get God’s grace.

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