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Acceleration due to gravity g | Solved | SEE Grade 10 | Science

1. Acceleration due to gravity g

  • The acceleration produced due to gravity of planet/ heavenly body is called acceleration due to gravity.
  • It is denoted by ‘g’.
  • It is value of sea level:- 9.81m/s² (SI unit)

= 9.81 cm/s² (CGS unit)

  • g = GM/R²

where, G = Universal gravitational constant.

M = Mass of planet (kg)

R = Radius (m)

Distance from center of planet to center of object.


g = GM/ R² = GM/ (R+h) = GM/ (R+O)² = GM/ R²

Case II :-

∴ g = GM/ (R+h)²


Statement : The object of Mass ‘m’ is placed at height of ‘n’ from the surface of earth which Mass and Radius are ‘M’ and ‘R’ respectively.


The weight of object is counterbalanced by force of gravity.

where, G = Constant

M = constant


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2. Difference between ‘G’ and ‘g’:-


g G
1.       It is the acceleration produced on a freely falling object towards the earth or planet.

2.       It is SI unit is m/s².

3.       It is a vector quantity.

1.       It is the force of gravitation between any two objects each of unit mass separated by unit distance.

2.       Its SI unit is Nm²kg².

3.       It is a scalar quantity.

3. Difference between gravitational force and force of gravity.


Gravitational force Force of gravity
1.       Gravitation is the force of attraction between any two objects of the universe due to their masses.

2.       It depends upon the product of their masses and the distance between them.

1.       Gravity is the force with which the earth or any heavenly body attracts other objects towards its center.

2.       It depend upon its mass and its radius.

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