MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

Embarking on a journey to pursue an MBBS degree in Nepal unveils a myriad of opportunities for medical students worldwide. Particularly favored by Indian scholars, the MBBS courses in Nepal stand out for their accessibility, straightforward admission procedures, and the harmonious relationship between the two nations. Nepal’s robust education structure creates an environment conducive to … Read more

Best 5 Universities in USA for PhD

Best 5 Universities in USA for PhD

Best Universities in USA for PhD Embarking on a PhD course is a transformative intellectual odyssey, where individuals delve into the depths of their chosen field to emerge as experts and contributors to the scholarly tapestry. This highest echelon of academic pursuit is characterized by a rigorous blend of intensive research, advanced coursework, and the … Read more

Top 15 MBA Colleges in the World 2023 [Updated]

Top MBA Colleges in the World Embarking on an MBA journey is a significant decision that can shape one’s career trajectory. For those aspiring to enroll in the best of the best, here’s a spotlight on the top 5 MBA colleges globally in 2023, institutions that stand as paragons of academic excellence, innovation, and leadership … Read more

Study in the USA [University Fee, Cost of Living and Others]

Study in USA

With America slowly loosening its immigration policies, many Nepali students are looking forward to opportunities to study in the USA. From the culture to quality education and the income opportunities, there are various good things about America; the country has a lot to offer. Students from all around the world apply to universities in the … Read more

Study in Germany From Nepal? (Cost, Scholarships & Guide)

study in germany

The trend of Nepali students going to Europe for pursuing their higher education is at an all-time high right now. Each year, more than 2000 students go to Germany as it has become a very good destination. This is primarily because of the low cost of living and nominal tuition fees. Students also have a … Read more

Study in Australia From Nepal (Complete Guide)

study in australia

For Nepalis, Australia is the most common destination for education. The Nepali community is pretty strong there with even some of the most widely known Nepali celebs also staying in this country. The country is well known for accepting international students and in terms of opportunities, Australia has a huge scope. Today, we are going … Read more

Study in Japan from Nepal (Cost, Scholarships & Guide)

study in japan

Many students these days are leaving the country to study abroad. There are a lot of countries where the students are going. The top destinations are America, Australia, and The UK. Start your adventure from Japan, probably the best place to learn technology, science and financial techs. Studying in Japan helps Nepalese to achieve their … Read more